jackson ms wedding – chandler + betsy

This was one in a series of incredible weddings I had this summer.  I knew that Chandler and Betsy were going to have a unique and special Jackson MS wedding, and it was just that.  It didn’t hurt that the wedding was at the always gorgeous Providence Hill Farms.  We started the day with a skeet shoot and ended it with them driving away in the El Camino that Chandler restored.  It was awesome and here’s a glimpse –


Nicholson 002Nicholson 061

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Yazoo City Wedding – Patrick + Jennifer

I was extremely honored to be asked to shoot my buddy’s Yazoo City Wedding.  Patrick is a fantastic wedding photographer himself, so the pressure was on.  My job was pretty easy though considering the location, their chemistry, and their natural ability to just look good in front of the camera.  Their love and connection throughout the day was tangible, clearly evident each time they looked at each other.  Their first look was unforgettable.  Everything about the day reflected family and love.  The wedding was on his grandfather’s land, the family did all of the decorating, and Patrick even made all of the pews himself along with pretty much every other detail too.

This was one of the special ones I’ll never forget.
Patrick 002Patrick 001Patrick 003Patrick 005
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